Micro Tig

A revolutionary technology for welding all kinds of moulds & dies, MICROTIG was evolved by combining a cold argon arc (GTAW) and a resistance welding machine. Welding can be done as a single step process like the conventional TIG welding process or a dual step function where the filler wire could be preset when welding complicated profiles, edges or welding in straight lines. This feature helps in welding exactly along the required profile. After presetting the wire it is fused with the base material for a perfect bond. The deposit is flawless, free of undercuts and blow holes. In both the cases, welding is done at exceptionally low heat, preventing the post welding defects like distortion, hardening of base material in heat effected zone, undercuts etc.

MICROTIG is a compact size, lightweight machine which can be easily carried by hand. Variety of wires similar to the composition of your mould / die are available which ensures homogenous bonding of weld metal with the parent metal. Any conventional finishing process can be performed over the welded area like grinding milling, turning, EDM or wirecut. Post finishing operations like heat treatment, plating, nitriding etching or polishing can be done subject to the right selection of filler wire. Filler wires ranging from Ø 0.5 to 1.2mm can be used depending upon the area to be welded, making it an ideal solution for welding the finer details in the mould or overlaying a larger area.

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