Mold Doctor


Mold Doctor is an electro-spark surface deposition and hardening (coating) machine which uses arc spark effect in the air. Though the temperature during sparking ranges from 8,000 to 25,0000 oC, no heat accumulation occurs during diffusion and deposition periods due to the extremely short pulse period (compared to the interval period). The electrode material in an ionized state transfers itself to the negatively charged die, and forms a firm micro-welded joint, without any change of properties or dimensions. Argon blocks out Oxygen, moisture, and carbon monoxide during transfer.

Plastic Injecion Moulds Blow Moulds

 Eliminates problems of Flashes by reclaiming damaged / worn out parting lines
 Repairs damaged edges, corners & surfaces
 Excellent for filling out undercuts, pinholes and cracks in weld repairs
 Repairs surface damage by ejector and guide-pins
 Altering gate locations and / or engraved letters on moulds
 Etching and polishing possible on deposits
 Mould repair possible in-situ – increase profitability

Die Casting

 Hard tungsten carbide coating up to 100 micrometer increases die life
 Delays formation of heat checks & thus extends die life
 Improves wear and heat resistance
 Protects dies and prevents molten Aluminium from sticking to dies
 Maintains hardness at high operating temperature
 Improves product quality by providing excellent release property, liquid flow and gas release
 Repairs pin holes, minor damages on edges or surface.
 Reduces consumption of Release agents

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