Laser Welding System

We are the distributor of Alpha Laser GmbH of Germany, the leading manufacturer of wide range of Laser Welding Systems.
Applicable on most of the metals like all types of Steels, stainless steels, aluminum, alumac, copper, beryllium copper, titanium etc…, Laser equipment makes welding faster and more precise, with improved finish quality and increased process reliability as key benefits. Laser welding process has numerous advantages over the other conventional repair welding process as it offers:
* Precise welding of intricate and small areas
* No work piece deformation
* Negligible heat affected zone
* No undercuts
* Porosity-free weld seam
* No pre-heating necessary
* High strength
* Mirror polish, chemical etching and electroplating possible on the repaired areas
We are now pleased to introduce our Laser welding services on job-work basis to help tooling industry reclaim their damaged / worn moulds & dies. We have installed high powered, advanced Laser Welding machine at our Delhi office to offer Laser welding services. If you wish to have your own Laser welding System, we can offer you the complete package that includes supply of Laser Welding Machine, its accessories, Laser welding wires and training.

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